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This program is redundant in windows7; the built in search does this.


Laurel , 19.03.2012, 07:05
Idea status: under consideration


Whiterabbit-uk, 19.03.2012, 09:22
That's a good point Laurel :) .

So far I've never had a problem finding anything when using the search function in Win 7. I think where this program may come in useful is if we had the Pro edition where I believe we can find folders on any of the computers on a home network.

Not sure if Win 7 has that capability. If it has i've not found it yet. (any idea Laurel)

Overall I do think the program is rather expensive for what it is. I'd like to see a direct comparison of the search functions compared to Windows search abilities. The developer doesn't do this which would lead me to the conclusion that there is indeed very little to seperate them.

Any developer proud of their products would do a comparison to show how good it was from the default windows search function (or I assume they would).

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